I have worked on several different Access Database's, and I am in the process currently of teaching myself Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. This particular website uses a MySQL backend for its information gathering. I have built and maintained several small scale databases. Some were used for task like tracking furniture that had been loaned to different Ohio state agencies, and others where for other task like tracking an Advanced Job Training Program's text books and withdrawals. Through my different projects I can comfortably say that if I am not already, that I am close to being an advanced Microsoft Access user.

Web Design

I have web design experience with HTML5 and CSS3, as well as some basic Bootstrap and JQuery. The websites that I have built were used in an environment where internet access was unavailable. They were local intranet sites for resource information. The sites were built to be UI's' for various PDF catalogs that contained education information.
Another site that I designed was built to be put on CD's and used as another user interface to browse PDF's that contained information and specifications about various office furniture that was sold.


I am currently working on my programming skills. I have some experience with C#, as well as C which I am currently studying. My first C# program was used to extract names from a text file and create folders on an external hard drive for students use. I also have used small amounts of JavaScript/JQuery and PHP, which is what this website utilizes. I also use small amounts of VBA in my Access projects, mostly for navigation purposes and securing forms.